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Lydia Mountain In-Cabin Spa Services

Have bliss, will travel. On Lydia Mountain, we bring the spa to you. A perfect addition to your perfect getaway; treat yourselfto the relaxing, restorative, healing benefits of an In-Cabin Massage during your stay at Lydia Mountain Lodge & Log Cabins!. It is best to make your reservation well in advance of your stay, as sessions are subject to availability.

Therapeutic Massage

Indulgent and relaxing, our signature full-body Therapeutic Massage combines the smooth, gliding strokes of Traditional Swedish Massage and the deeper pressure and friction of Deep Tissue to calm and rejuvenate you. This targeted therapy concentrates on your individual needs – whether it’s special attention to your neck & shoulders, lower back or hands & feet, this customized session is sure to alleviate your specific stress and discomfort zones.

As an added benefit, Thrapeutic Massage improves muscle injury recovery time by speeding up the removal of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes. The increased blood circulation carries the toxins away from the tissues to organs such as the kidneys and lungs where they are expelled from the body.


  • 60 Minutes • $150
  • 90 Minutes • $175
  • (The above price does not include your gratuity)

Couples Massage

Kick back and escape with a friend or loved one with our Couples Massage. Two people can enjoy their massage experience together, side by side in their cabin. 

Couples Massage provides an excellent opportunity to receive massage together with your spouse, friend or loved one. There are two tables and two therapists – one for each person to receive individualized treatment simultaneously. Couples massage is a shared experience that can strengthen your closeness.

In addition to all of the usual benefits of massage therapy, Couples Massage is a good way to introduce someone new to massage therapy.  Sharing the experience with a loved one can serve to enhance the pleasure of each of you.


  • 60 min • $300
  • 90 min • $325
  • *The above price does not include your gratuity

First time massage? Here's what to expect...

You can expect your Lydia Spa treatment to be tailored to meet your needs. Our friendly massage therapists will inquire about past or present injuries or other physical conditions that we should be aware of prior to your spa service, and if there is a specific area or challenge you’d like to focus on.