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Who was The Mighty Duke of Lydia?

he Mighty Duke of Lydia was our beloved Bluetick Coonhound, a true celebrity on the mountain and a dear companion and friend. Many of us had the honor of meeting Duke while on his ambassadorial rounds. He was especially welcoming of those who might be mid-barbecue, and while he was royalty, there were no highfalutin airs with our Duke. He came from very humble beginnings.

Duke first introduced himself to one of our guests, Dave Hemingway on the doorstep of Lydia's Cabin #1 "Fantasy Hideaway" in the summer of 2007. Finding Duke in quite the state of disrepair, Dave brought him to Lydia's office where he immediately won eveyone's hearts, and was adopted by Lydia Mountain's owner (or maybe it was the other way around). Regardless of who chose who, The Mighty Duke spent the rest of his dog years riding home nightly with his best buddy Bruce, and spent his days sweetly asserting his ownership of all things Lydia.

In recognition of The Mighty Duke - gone but never forgotten, and all animals in need, Lydia is proud to donate 10% of all Pet Fees collected to the local Greene County SPCA.